• Suzanne Delle

S1 E3: Beyond Streaming: Safe Discomfort

Updated: Aug 2

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the second half of our conversation with theatre activist Joan Lipkin. In addition, former students of Suzanne's join us to discuss an online devising platform created by Kristina Friedgen. 


Joan Lipkin

Joan Lipkin is an internationally recognized theatre artist and social activist and an expert on rapid response theatre.  She has contributed to or produced several national projects including Every 28 Hours, After Orlando and Climate Change Theatre Action.  Some of her awards include the Bravely Award, ATHE Award for Leadership in Community-based Theatre and Civic Engagement, Ethical Humanist of the Year, Visionary Award, Arts Innovator of the Year, and a Woman of Achievement. Joan is one of the founders of Dance the Vote. Learn more at

Kristina Friedgen

Kristina Friedgen is a director/choreographer, theatre deviser, and educator who seeks to create theatrical experiences that connect the community and promote social action.  Currently, an MFA candidate in ASU's Theatre for Youth & Communities program, her research explores how to create participatory and immersive theatre through digital performance in order to foster a relationship between the audience and the performer.Kristina is also the Education Director at Young Artists of America, a youth-focused musical theatre training company for singers, actors, dancers, and musicians in Washington, D.C. Check out the interactive theatre adventure discussed on the podcast here.


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